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5 Things Women Notices In Men At First Sight: Highly Effective!

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5 Things women notices in men at first sight:  Many of us don’t believe in love at first sight but everyone surely believe in the phrase “first impression is the last impression”. There is a fact that women have amazing observational skills and can scan you right from head to toe in a few seconds only! Things that women notice is very instant and they make a perspective about you instantly by your looking. To extend talk with any women/girl first you have to impress her with your personality and style. Here are 5 things women notices in men at first sight which you should know and go with well dressed to meet any women/girl.

Things Women Notices In Men At First Sight


5 Things women notices in men at first sight


Shoes play a vital role in creating a good impression on others especially women/girls. Dirty or untidy shoes can break your looks over others. Shoes are the first point from where women’s/girls start looking at you. Never wear casuals shoes with formals and vice versa. So the individual should wear shoes with a matching one.


The outfit is the one of the most vital things which the women’s/girls first check in men. Make sure you won’t wear that outfit in which you look shabby. The individual should make sure that the outfit you wear is well clean and properly ironed. To look good you should wear seasonal outfits or seasonal colours. Always wear that outfit which are in trends and never go for outdated fashion trends.

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This is the first thing that women notices in men at first sight. The hairstyle is the one which uplifts the personality of an individual and also enhances the look. Everyone knows how important is to have week groomed hairstyle. Untidy hairstyle leaves a bad impression on others thus the individual should always go for a good haircut. Here are few hairstyles that you can try:


There is saying ” a watch can make or break your time within a minute”. First gesture of meeting someone is a handshake which makes it obvious for women to notice at your watch. It is always advisable to invest in one classic timepiece which gives you an elegant look. So you should wear a watch to look more impressive.


In today’s time, everyone is a big fan of beards especially women’s/girls. Beards is now a new trend! Most of the women/girls are crazy behind men with full beards as they find them attractive. Here I don’t mean that women/girls won’t attract to men with a clean shave! I only mean to say that you should go for well-groomed beards or a clean shave. While going for dating or meeting never go with untidy or patchy beards. This will surely leave a bad impression and on your style as well. Every woman notice beards of men at first sight as men with beards looks more attractive.



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