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How To Attempt Questions In CBSE Board Exams?

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How to attempt questions in CBSE board exams: The CBSE board exam are currently shaking up every nook and corner of the country. The CBSE board exam is the stepping stone to a successful future ahead. CBSE board exam is soon approaching. The advice and suggestions on exam tips, career tips and many more are coming to students from various sources. But every student has a doubt in mind that how to attempt questions in CBSE board exams. No one solves this problem of students. However, in almost all the exams students came out of the exam hall and admit that they knew all the answers but somehow they unable to express or present their answer in the right way. No one will give you wand to do magic and perform well in exams.

In order to help students here are some useful and vital tips which students can follow as per their convenience.

How To Attempt Questions In CBSE Board Exams?

How to attempt questions in CBSE board exams

Answers to the point

The students should write the answers to the point. The students should not write anything and then come to the point. This thing should not happen. It leaves a bad impact on the checker.


Highlight the main phrases

The students should highlight the main the phrases or line. It leaves a good impact on the checker and sometimes gives you more marks. The whole answer should not be highlighted as it leaves a bad impact. Highlighting the main phrases helps the checker to understand the answers easily.


The answers should be written in a proper sequence. The sequence of the answers should be either first to last or last to first. This leaves a good impact on the checker and checker is able to check all answer line wise. It will be easy for him.

Faith and confidence

These students should have faith in themselves that the answers they are writing are correct. During the time of exam never trust anyone even don’t trust your teacher. The students should have confidence in themselves. Usually, classmates tell wrong answers during answers. So don’t trust anyone and have faith & confidence in you.


The handwriting should be awesome and fabulous or crystal clear. The students should not mix two words while writing as it happens in the flow. Every word of every line should be easily understood. Never ever cut the words more than twice if it is written by mistake. It leaves a bad impression on the checker.

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Read questions in both languages

The students should read questions in both the languages. This helps the students in the way that students don’t take an instant decision on that answer and write. Sometimes the students take the question in the wrong sense and attempt wrongly. By reading in both languages they understand the question clearly.

Leave proper space

The students should leave proper space between two answers. Sometimes the checker won’t be able to understand that where the next question starts. Thus he got confused and deduct the marks. The students should leave at least 4 to 5 lines before attempting the next question.

Never leave any answer

The students should never any answer, especially in board exam. If you don’t know the answer then write at least something related to it so that the checker can give some marks on that basis. There is a fact that “something is better than nothing”. So write something related to that question only.


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